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The Ultimate Guide to Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet

Your curiosity has led you to ask about the dimensions of this incredible basketball court. A better understanding of the Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet can allow you to take more interest in the game, regardless of whether you are a player, a coach, or a fan. Basketball is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. 

Although the dimensions of a basketball court are specified in order to offer a playing surface that is uniform, these dimensions are subject to change depending on the level of competition that is taking place. In this section, we will discuss the precise measurements of basketball courts in feet, ranging from NBA arenas to high school weight rooms. 

Standard Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet

NBA basketball court dimensions

The Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet are established by regulatory bodies such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA). It is essential for anybody participating in the sport to be aware of these proportions.

Length and Width

The typical Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet are 94 feet in length and 50 feet in width. The court is shaped like a rectangle. For both professional and collegiate play, these measures are utilized. The size guarantees that there will be sufficient area to accommodate the fast-paced nature of the game.

Key Areas of the Court

Within the court, several key areas have specific dimensions. These include the three-point line, the key (or paint), and the free throw line, each serving a unique role in the game.

NBA vs. FIBA Basketball Court Dimensions

Court Dimensions for the NBA

The National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA in united states, incorporates its own unique set of dimensions, which are slightly distinct from those of other leagues.The NBA court dimensions are standardized for the United States, using feet and inches as the units of measurement. This American court is used for professional basketball games in the USA.

Length and width: In the National Basketball Association, the length of a court is 94 feet, while the width is 50 feet.(reference)

Three-Point Line: At the top of the key, the three-point line of the National Basketball Association (NBA) encompasses a semicircle that is 23.75 feet away from the basket, while at the corners, it is 22 feet away.

Key and the Line for Free Throws: The NBA’s key, which is often referred to as the paint, measures sixteen feet in width. The distance from the backboard to the free throw line is fifteen feet.

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Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet

FIBA Court Dimensions

International basketball is governed by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which also has somewhat different Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet than domestic.The FIBA court dimensions are standardized for international play, using feet and inches as the units of measurement. These dimensions are used for professional basketball games worldwide.

Length and width: With dimensions of 91.86 feet in length and 49.21 feet in breadth, a FIBA court is a little bit smaller than a US basketball court.reference

To the Three-Point Line: In FIBA, the three-point line is located at a distance of 22.15 feet from the basket at the top of the key, and it is 21.65 feet in corner positions.

Key and the Line for Free Throws: The FIBA key is 11.81 feet wide, which is a smaller width than the NBA key, and the free throw line is 15 feet away from the backboard, which is the same distance as in the NBA standard.

Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet
Court length94 ft91.86 ft
Court width50 ft49.21 ft
Rim height10 ft10 ft
No Charge Zone arc4 ft4.10 ft
Center circle diameter12 ft11.81 ft
3-point line distance from the basket23.75 ft (22 ft in corner)22.15 ft (21.65 ft in corner)
Key (shaded lane or restricted area) width16 ft16.08 ft
Free-throw line distance from point on the floor directly below the backboard15 ft15.09 ft

Other Basketball Courts

Basketball Court Dimensions for College

College basketball courts are comparable to those used in the National Basketball Association (NBA), but there are some minor differences.

Length and width: It is common for college courts to measure 94 feet in length and 50 feet in width.reference

To the Three-Point Line: When it comes to college basketball, the distance from the basket to the three-point line is 22.15 feet.

Key and the Line for Free Throws: The free throw line is maintained at a distance of 15 feet from the backboard, and the key measures 12 feet in width. 

Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet

High School Basketball Court Dimensions

The courts in high schools are smaller so that they can accommodate younger players.

Length and width:It is 84 feet long and 50 feet wide on a basketball court that is used in high schools.reference

To the Three-Point Line: There is a tighter distance between the three-point line and the hoop than there is in collegiate or professional play, which is 19.75 feet.

Key and the Line for Free Throws: The width of the key is twelve feet, while the distance from the backboard to the free throw line is fifteen feet. 

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Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet

Basketball Court Markings and Areas

Center Circle

Dimensions and Purpose

The center circle, where the game starts with a jump ball and where subsequent jump balls occur, has a diameter of 12 feet. This circle is located in the middle of the court, serving as the central point for gameplay commencement and certain other game situations.

Free Throw Line

Distance from Basket

The free throw line is consistently positioned 15 feet from the basket at all levels of play. This standard distance ensures uniformity in shooting free throws in professional, collegiate, and international basketball games.

Three-Point Line

Varying Distances

The distance of the three-point line varies depending on the level of play, ranging from 19.75 feet in high school to 23.75 feet in the NBA. This variation in distance adjusts the difficulty of making a three-point shot at different levels of competition.

Key (Paint Area)

Dimensions and Significance

The diameter of the key region varies in Basketball Court Dimensions in Feet, but it is essential for plays that involve shots from close range and rebounds during the game. During FIBA competition, the width is around 11.81 feet, but in the NBA it is 16 feet wide, and in college and high school it is 12 feet.

Outdoor Basketball Court Dimensions

Differences from Indoor Courts

Outdoor basketball courts often have slightly different dimensions due to space constraints and varying playing conditions. These courts are typically found in parks, schools, and community centers where the available space may not match the standardized dimensions of indoor courts. Additionally, outdoor courts are subject to weather conditions such as wind and rain, which can affect gameplay. To accommodate these factors, the dimensions may be adjusted to fit the environment, ensuring that the court remains functional and accessible for recreational play.

Standard Dimensions

The standard dimensions for an outdoor court are generally the same as indoor courts, but they can vary more widely. This variation allows outdoor courts to be adapted to different spaces and conditions, making them suitable for recreational use in diverse environments.


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Outdoor courts can vary significantly in size and markings, often depending on available space and the intended use. These variations ensure that the courts can fit into different environments and meet the needs of various players and activities.


Understanding the dimensions of a basketball court is essential for players, coaches, and fans alike. These standardized measurements ensure consistency and fairness in the game, whether it’s played in a professional arena, a college gym, or a high school gymnasium. While the dimensions can vary slightly depending on the level of play, the fundamentals remain the same, providing a familiar and standardized playing environment.


What are the official dimensions of a basketball court?

The official dimensions of a basketball court are 94 feet in length and 50 feet in width for professional and collegiate play, such as in the NBA and NCAA. These dimensions ensure a consistent playing area for high-level competition. In contrast, high school basketball courts are slightly smaller, measuring 84 feet in length and 50 feet in width. This size difference accommodates younger players and is often a practical consideration for school gymnasiums, which may have space limitations. Despite the size variation, both court types maintain the same width, ensuring a similar playing experience.

How do NBA and FIBA court dimensions differ?

NBA and FIBA court dimensions differ in several ways. The NBA court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide, while the FIBA court is slightly smaller at 91.86 feet long and 49.21 feet wide. Additionally, the NBA’s three-point line is 23.75 feet from the basket (22 feet in the corners), whereas the FIBA three-point line is 22.15 feet from the basket (21.65 feet in the corners). The center circle diameter is also different: 12 feet in the NBA and 11.81 feet in FIBA. These differences reflect the varying standards for professional basketball in the United States versus international play.

What are the dimensions of a high school basketball court?

A high school basketball court is 84 feet long and 50 feet wide, with a three-point line 19.75 feet from the basket.

Why are there different three-point line distances?

The different three-point line distances exist primarily due to the different governing bodies and standards of basketball. The NBA, based in the United States, uses a three-point line set at 23.75 feet (22 feet in the corners), reflecting the league’s competitive norms and strategies. In contrast, FIBA, which governs international basketball, employs a slightly closer three-point line at 22.15 feet (21.65 feet in the corners).

These variations aim to balance the difficulty and strategy of three-point shooting across different levels and styles of play, accommodating the preferences and dynamics of each respective league or organization.

How do outdoor courts differ from indoor courts?

Outdoor courts differ from indoor courts in several ways. Outdoor courts are typically exposed to the elements, such as sunlight, wind, and rain, whereas indoor courts are sheltered and climate-controlled. This exposure can affect gameplay and maintenance requirements. Additionally, outdoor courts often vary more widely in size, surface materials, and markings due to space constraints and local preferences. Indoor courts, on the other hand, adhere to standardized dimensions and are designed for consistent playing conditions. Despite these differences, both types of courts serve as venues for basketball practice and competition, catering to different needs and environments.

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